Useful Basque Phrases

Useful Basque Phrases

Greetings and Farewells
Ongi etorri  Welcome
Kaixo Hello
Aupa Hey 
(Also used to cheer people on, as in a race.  The equivalent of “Come on!”)
Agur See you later
Egun on Good morning
Arratsaldeon Good afternoon
Gabon Good night

Mesedez Please
Barkatu Excuse me
Sentitzen dut I’m sorry

Eskerrik asko Thank you 
Zuri (Thanks) to you (The equivalent of you’re welcome)
Ez horregatik You’re welcome
Berdin The same to you

Well wishes
Ondo pasa Have a good time
Zorte on Good luck
Zorionak  Congratulations! (Used for celebrations like birthdays)

Bai  Yes
Ados  Ok
Agian – Maybe
Ez  No

Common questions and phrases
Urte askotarako  Nice to meet you
Zer moduz?  How are you?
Oso ondo Very good
Ez ona Not good
Eta zu? And you?

Nor zara? – 
What’s your name?
Ni [insert name here] naiz My name is…

Eating and drinking
Topa Cheers
On egin Enjoy your meal